In English: Siri & Jane

It's been a while since I wrote anything about our hamsters to the blog in English (Brief introduction in Apr 2nd, 2012). Since then we have celebrated Loviisa's 2nd birthday and soon afterwards Loviisa was euthanized due to a big tumor in its belly/flank. We got a new Syrian puppy in June 2012, officially Kimatra Kuukrokantti, but we call it Jane.

© Karri

Jane is short-haired female and its color is silver sable white-banded. It's also a tortoiseshell but the yellow spots are not visible. It was born in Apr 20th 2012, so next Saturday we'll be celebrating its first birthday. The most strange thing in Jane is its size: when compared to our previous Syrian females it's very small. Loviisa and Katariina weighed some 200 gr and they weren't that fat. Jane isn't fat at all but weighs only about 150 gr. Well, not all hamsters are that big and most of Jane's sisters and brothers are approximately the same size. Jane participated the pet class in February and judge commented that it was a "charming fitness lady".

Siri has its first birthday soon after Christmas. It's a lovely Winter White even though it sometimes bites our fingers in its terrarium. I think it's just being a bit territorial because it doesn't bite at all when hold on hands. And when something is so cute and pretty as Siri, it doesn't matter if it bites every now and then, does it? Siri is also a little bit of a fitness lady, every night when the lights go off, it starts running in its wheel.

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